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Serafino Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

2 double wall glasses

 Just like that 8″ Green Earth Pan I reviewed not that long ago, this Serafino set of double wall thermo glasses was given to my b the people at Ozeri. They actually gave me a list of things to pick from, and these glasses stood out to me. Since they are glass I was a little bit worried if they’d break in shipment, but they were packaged so well. First was the normal cardboard box, and inside the product box was all wrapped with bubble wrap. I thought this was the end but the cups were also individually wrapped. Everything was in perfect condition, even the product box. 

odd shaped glasses
glass with green liquid and ice
water with green ice

These glasses have such a unique shape thats, what I was originally so drawn to about them, that I figured rather than talk about how great they are I could take a few pictures of them. I know these pictures aren’t the best quality ever, and I really need to get that D800 but since the cups are so nice looking I think they turned out well. More about these glasses though. They’re made of durable, heat resistant mouth blown borosilicate, the Serafino’s double wall design is to keep your hands cool even very hot drinks and keep the cup free of condensation. The wrap around cup design is meant for your hands to easily grip. 

For me this glass was easy to hold, not just because it has that cool design but because it was so light. I was expecting something very heavy since it is double walled, but its a whole lot lighter than any of my other glasses. I’m not sure how big these look in photos but at 12 oz these are plenty big enough for me to use. Oh and its totally true about the cool hands, and no condensation great if you want to set these right down on your furniture without a coaster. 


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