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How to Wear Wedge Sneakers

What to Wear

Jeans / Shoes / Top / Belt / Backpack 
Wedge Sneakers Outfit Guide

Wedge Sneakers are really in right now so I figured I’d do an outfit planned around a pair of wedge tennis shoes that I really like. When I did my casual day date outfit guide I included a similar, and more affordable, version of these wedge sneakers. I can honestly say that the more I see this trend the more I love it. Sneakers and tennis shoes used to be my thing. For evidence you can look at my Puma Nostalgia post  and really there are so many things to love. They’re comfortable, look good with a ton of things and hold up well. The only problem is they really don’t do much for height, which is the main reason I’m really into pumps. These wedge tennis shoes do give you height, a lot of it actually and since they’re wedges you won’t be restricted by clumsiness.
  • Hoodie Sweatshirt, Abercrombie & Fitch – $80 A&F was the staple of my high school as far as clothing goes, and I can see why. The quality is pretty good, prices aren’t terrible and everything is so cute. Their jeans are some of my favorite. Maybe I shouldn’t be quite so in love with the company since their CEO seems not so nice, but that isn’t the designer’s fault so I feel like I can still love their clothes.
  • Boyfriend Jean, Vince Camuto – $100 I’ve done a guide on how to wear cropped jeans which look really good with any type of heels, but I have to say that cropped boyfriend jeans are hard to come by but there really isn’t a better alternative. It lets you show a little leg, but also gives you a more relaxed look to go with the tennis shoes.
  • Leather and Suede Backpack, Topshop – $150 I really do like backpacks. Funny since for all of high school and middle school I absolutely refused to wear them. I would either use bags, or just carry my things because I hated the look. Since then though I think my tastes have evolved and I really love this top shop backpack. The leather and suede combo looks amazing, and actually I just bought something with this same combo, but it isn’t nearly as nice looking.
  • High Top Sneaker, Casadei – $820 Here’s the main feature, teh Casadei Wedge Sneaker. The right outfit really is important with this. With the colors and the high top look, you might start to look a little like a hip hop dancer if you do this the wrong way. Since these shoes are already fairly loud they really do look best with neutrals.
  • Braided Belt, JackWills – $40 Since these jeans are a little on the loose side chances are you’re going to need a belt to help keep the around your waist and still get the boyfriend feel. I really like the braiding on this belt, it has a slight bohemian feel, see Bohemian Style Outfit Guide but since this is a super casual outfit you can mix in a trend or two.
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