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Clear Finish on the Wooden Chest

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Last time I worked on that wooden chest I made was quite awhile ago, when I was staining it, and today I went to add a clear finish to it. Unfortunately I still have to do another coat before its completely done (plus add hinges and pads on the feet) that I didn’t have time to do today due to my late start. I had to start off my project work today by dusting off the whole chest. It’s currently housed in a wood shop that’s in use so there was a whole lot of sawdust on it. I don’t think I got all of it, but I did try.  When that was all done, I had help moving it to the floor. From there I did all of the inside while it was tipped on its side. Then I did the bottom of it, and while waiting for it to dry I did the top and bottom of the lid. Then I went back to the chest and tipped it up to do all the sides. So it’s ready for the next time I work on it.


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