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How to Wear Cowboy Boots

Western influenced fashion blogger outfit
Top / Pants / Boots / Bag (similar) / Crown 
I originally was planning on doing an outfit post about wearing cowboy boots with a prom dress, but I couldn’t quite get the outfit I wanted so instead I decided to do one on How to Wear Cowboy Boots in general. I’ve done outfits with cowboy boots before like Cowboy Boots and a Tribal Dress and white cowboy boots in a Bohemian Style Outfit but instead of going with a dress this time around I wanted something more casual, to mock the original use of cowboy boots. This How to Wear Cowboy Boots outfit has a little bit of a seventies hippy vibe going on, but is very easy to pull off and can be worn to any casual outing. 
  • Fashion Cowboy Boots – These are of course not the “working” kind of cowboy boots but rather the kind that are supposed to look like it. They have a little bit of distress on the toes, and a worn look on the body with a leather print. I love the light brown camel color, because its easier to pair with shirts than a darker boot would be.
  • High Low Tank – I’m still into the high low trend and this tank is a modest version of it. The orange color is bright and festive perfect for the warm weather, and the buttons down the front and loose fit make the tank look airy and carefree. For a more modest look, a plain white t-shirt can be put under the tank, and it’ll look just as cute.
  • Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – Because the high low tank is a tad bit short in the front I went with a mid rise jean to keep the outfit from showing midriff.  There aren’t any tears or holes in these jeans because I think the cowboy boots give all the distressed that this modest bohemian cow boot outfit needs. 
  • Patterned Canvas Tote Bag – It isn’t only the cowboy boots that make this look western inspired, this bag with prints, that are reminiscent of traditional Native American art is so eye-catching and unique that couldn’t help but include it. The leather details help to tie into the cowboy boots.
  • Flower Headband – The last part of the outfit, and probably the part that more than a few of you will be leaving out if you recreate this look is the floral crown. It does give that hipster vibe that can be kind of laughable but it also gives a feminine touch that I think an outfit like this needs.

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