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Caturday: Playing with a Marble in the Bathtub

cat named cricket
shelter cat cricket

 So, as you might remember Cricket likes Vegetables but, what you might not know about her, is that she’s very curious about water. Every time I take a bath or shower she’s always standing on the edge of the bathtub looking at me or at the water. If I try and put her in water though, even if the tub only has an inch or two of water in it, she jumps out. I’d love if she became one of those cats that like to swim around in the bathwater but we aren’t quite there yet. So to help get her more accustomed to the bathtub I decided to put a marble in there (of course closing the drain) and getting her interested enough to go in there and play with it. I had read it in a book, Self Help by Loorie Moore  and the main character’s cat seemed to love it, but mine isn’t quite sure… You can decide for yourself below.

cricket cat photo

 To finish off this post I decided to show you a picture that most of mine end up turning out like. She moves around a whole bunch and is always trying to sit in my lap or get me to play with her that taking a picture that looks good, is a real art. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be a child photographer. Oh! I almost forgot if you look at the second photo, you can tell that Cricket has gained a little weight since we got her from the shelter. She’s always begging for either people food or the canned food that she gets occasionally. 


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