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Edgy White Jeans Outfit

Jeans / Top / Sunglasses / Bag / Shoes

How to Look Edgy in White Jeans

Lately I’ve been going for a more edgy look in my own fashion choices and even have done a post on How to Wear Acid Wash Jeans awhile back. So here’s another look with an edgy pair of jeans, this time a white pair that has a lot of black going on. I wanted this look to have a little bit of a grunge style to it, as well as some influence from rocker fashion, but still keeping it classic, modest and comfortable enough to wear all day.

  • Skinny Black and White Illusion Jeans – When I saw these jeans I knew I had to make an outfit with them. I’ve been overusing the classic blue jean lately making these edgy jeans a perfect change. I of course love that they’re skinny and that they have a medium rise, my favorite part though is the sketch look they have. 
  • Silk Racer Back Tank – Whenever I put together a tougher look I try and add a softer piece material wise, like this silk racer back tank top. The black color goes well with the white jeans and the loose fit and wide straps makes it appropriate for more strict dress codes.
  • Aviators – I used to have a huge thing against wearing sunglasses, afraid of tan lines or something  but since I learned about how damaging the sun can be to your eyes I always wear ones with 100% SPF. I decided on Aviators for this look because they give an emotionless look. 
  • Black Vans – Van tennis shoes have a very specific low profile look, and they’re one of the few lace up shoes that I like the look of with skinny jeans. I decided on sneakers for a more casual and comfortable look, and stuff with the black combo. 
  • Leather Satchel Bag – To finish off my look with a pop of color I added in this large Michael Kors bag in orange. I love the top handle and the gold hardware that matches the aviators. The bag keeps the outfit from being too harsh and mean giving the edgy white jeans look a feminine feel. 

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