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How to Wear a Maxi Dress

festival maxi dress outfit
Dress / Sunglasses / Bag / Shoes 

I’m sure you’ve heard about how comfortable yoga pants are to wear, and its true they are pretty great, but even better than yoga pants are maxi dresses. They’re so light weight and free that it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, and it hides all that extra weight that if you’re like me, you aren’t that proud of.  The biggest reason why maxi dresses are better than yoga pants though is not because they’re more comfortable (which they are) but because you look put together wearing them and there are no modesty issues with wearing them.  For this look I kind of went for something you can wear to a festival like the Cowboy Boots and Floral Headband outfit.

  • Floral Lace Maxi Dress – Of course first up is the maxi dress that I couldn’t pass up. I love the floral lace, not only because it adds a little texture but also because its not going to sit up tight against some parts of your body like a lot of maxi dresses. The orange color is fun, and the straps mean you won’t constantly be pulling up this dress.
  • Gold Aviators – In my Edgy White Jeans outfit I added a pair of aviators and so I did to this maxi dress outfit as well. With the gold color and lighter tint these are a little bit more feminine and tie in with the orange dress well.
  • Strappy Sandals – So I’ve seen a few girls wear heels (high ones in fact) with maxi dresses, but there isn’t any point. Nobody can see your feet, and wearing a flat pair of sandals like these is so much more comfortable, plus it gives your feet a chance to breathe a little. 
  • Leather Bag – To tie the whole look together I went with a fairly unstructured bag. This is a festival outfit, and is supposed to be easy going so I wanted a bag to fit that. Also since it is made out of leather, and a neutral color, its very easy to pair with many different colors and styles. 

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