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App Review: Minecraft

own mine craft building

 I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to do a review of the Minecraft iPhone app since I’ve had it for over a year now. I remember playing it last summer during math when I should have been paying attention and it’s exactly the same for these summer classes I’m taking. When I first downloaded this game $5 from the App store I had no idea that there was a computer version and since then I have played it, but not enough to really compare the two, although I do know that the computer version has way more things, and is quite a bit more interactive. Since I only build on the game, treating it more like legos, I’ll show you all what’s going on in my “house” that I’ve been working on for a little while kind of like I did for the Suburbia Facebook Game. 

As you can see, it is on the edge of the world, and in the water. Since I wanted a basement I had to put blocks underneath the water and get it all out. Of course I did all of this before someone mentioned to me that it would be a whole lot easier if I used sand since that would sink to the bottom and I wouldn’t have to go underwater. Of course there is a walled yard, and I decided to put chickens in it since they are the only animals that won’t eat up all the grass. I also decided to go with a brick and crystal look where each room is boarded with brick and his the white quartz everywhere else. 

building stairs in mine craft

 Here’s the inside. Of course a chicken happened to get in, but has since been disposed of. There are a lot of stairs going on. The ones closest to the left side of the picture lead up to the master bedroom, below them is the kitchen. Then up to the roof is the staircase connected to the master bedroom one, It looks a little awkward but I don’t have enough room to fix it. Since I decided not to make it open I had to add a ton of torches even though there are windows on the left side and on the wall looking out to the yard. The stairs on the far side, are just for the second floor, I was debating if I should add a railing but it didn’t look good, and took away from any already small space. Upstairs there are just bedrooms and a bathroom.

minecraft mobile features

 Here’s the entry into what I like to call the bomb shelter. You have to go into the lower level bathroom toilet room, and in back of the toilet is a spider web to go through. Once you get past that there is a trap door, and down you go. It all opens up into a small living room/ dinning room combo and to one side is the pantry, where at the very end is an underwater tunnel all the way to the main part of mine craft. On the other side is a bedroom, that has six beds bunked sort of onto each other. If you go in one room there is a “closet” really just chests, and on the other side, a huge pool and bathroom combo.

minecraft carpet

And here is my favorite bedroom. Originally this pink room (based on the carpet color) was upstairs, but I wanted to add a bathroom so I made a narrow long hall, full of art to keep it interesting of course, and then a small break in the stairs where I put a chair and bookcase before going all the way down to the best bedroom of the house. Almost as great as the master and a whole lot more interesting. You can see the trap door, on the right side and that leads to an a sitting room and personal bathroom.

So that’s my minecraft creation, that I’ve probably spent too much time making. I wish I could show the rest of the house, but I didn’t want to end up with a thousand pictures. Basically the other cool things that I haven’t mentioned are the roof where there is a pool, and grilling area and a boarding area where there are ten beds, and a full public looking bathroom. 


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