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How to Wear a Shirt Dress

how to wear a shirt dress
Dress / Shoes / Clutch 
Wearing a Shirt Dress

A few days ago I did a post on how to wear a maxi dress, so I figured I could stay with the whole comfy loose dress theme and do an outfit with a shirt dress. This isn’t your normal bohemian or hippy sort of shirt dress, but rather a put together classy outfit that is for wearing out, not just hanging out at home. I almost put this dress as a date dress outfit, maybe an evening out or going to a summer show but since t-shirt dresses can be a little hard to wear without looking frumpy or sloppy. 

  • Silk dress – Of course the first piece of this outfit is the shirt dress. I decided on this dress, because I love the nod towards color blocking. The black and then grey, adds a little shape to the dress, and makes the off white color a little more pleasing. I love the silk material for a feminine softness.
  • Leather Perforated Boots – If you remember I bought a pair of leather uggs and I wanted to add them to this set, but couldn’t find them. I did however find this pair which are just a little bit taller. I love the rough edgy look they have, and that they tie in with the top of the dress. 
  • Colored Leather Clutch – Since this outfit has a whole lot of grey, off white, and black going on I wanted to add a pop of color, and to keep the look dressy I used a clutch instead of a full sized bag. I love the fold over design which creates a seamless look. 

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