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How to put some Patriotic in your Outfit

americana style outfit
Shoes / Jeans / Top / Jacket 
Americana Style Outfit

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Americana in not only fast fashion online sites, but also at local stores, and even a Chanel advertisement. I think its a summer sort of thing, to do an American flag style especially as it gets closer to the fourth of July. I however was looking to put together an outfit with just a hint of Americana so that you can show your patriotic side. This look is very casual and easy, actually reminds me of Cowboy Boots Outfit because this would also be great for a festival. This whole look is red, white and blue. 

  • Lace Bustier – I’ve done a How to Wear a Bustier before, and it can be a little tricky to pull off, but I could pass on this structured lace white top. It is the only real feminine piece in the outfit and although it is traditionally not a modest look, that can easily be fixed.
  • Zip up Hoodie – This is the modesty fix that I have. Simply zip up the hoodie to where the bustier ends and there is no showing skin. Plus its a lot of bright red that fits perfectly into the color theme. I love that its big and comfy but still clean looking
  • Ripped Skinny Jeans – I absolutely love skinny jeans, and if they’re a little destroyed that makes them all the better. Blue jeans are a big part of the American culture, and so I had to add them, so I guess you could say it isn’t just because I like them.
  • American Flag Shoes – The last and probably most american piece of my patriotic inspired outfit are these sneakers with the flag printed on them. I recently got my own pair so in the next few days you’ll be seeing an outfit with them.

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