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App Review: Traffic Racer

main screen of iPhone racing game

 This whole week I’ve been playing a game that I found randomly on the app store and I can’t get enough so I figured I could do a review of it, Traffic Racer, for you guys. Although it is a game that builds on itself it isn’t something you have to check on everyday like Clash of Clans but instead a game you can play for a few minutes at a time or a few hours, because it has nothing to do with time. 

$100000 car in traffic racer

 The first car they set you up with is absolutely terrible. It has almost zero acceleration handling is awful and since I don’t brake I can’t say much about that. I was trying to save up until I could get the most expensive car $200,000  but I ended up getting one at $30,000 because it was too hard to deal with. I then started saving up again but ended up with this beauty as my (for now) final car. It was just over $100,000 I upgraded the paint color, to a pretty purple and the wheels as well. 

traffic racer some games to play

 After you pick your car you then get to this screen where you can pick endless one way two way a time trial, which is a one way road) and free ride where you won’t earn any money. I almost always go with the two way because just like the other levels you get money based on the distance you go as well as a bonus for going above 100 kilometers an hour but also a bonus for driving in the opposite lane. The time trial keeps reviving you until the time is over, and that sounds great but it was too long for me. 

the places in traffic racer

 These are the four roads that you can choose from. The first two are given to you but the bottom two are ones that you have to pay for. As you can see I never did the snowy road but I did do the city night because you get twice the cash but it did cost $30,000. I’m not quite sure why it gives double the cash though because even though it is kind of dark it isn’t hard at all to see to drive. 

traffic racer two way

Here is me playing the game. When I got the new car I couldn’t believe how much better it was at handling, kind of makes me wish I had waited until I saved up more to get the best one. Overall though I really like this game and I cans see myself playing it any time I have to wait around for something just to kill time kind of like the Pocket Minecraft. 


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