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Review: Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo

shampoo with dead sea minerals

 I like to talk about my hair problems a lot. Actually, its more like complain, but one think I haven’t really mentioned before is my scalp. The scalp however is probably the most important part of hair care since that’s where everything starts! I’ve had an itchy scalp on and off so when I was offered this Adovia Mineral Skin Care Shampoo to try although I was a little skeptical, I was curious if it would help fix my own scalp issues, and since I’m always willing to try out a new product and share it so, of course I gave it a go. 

Starting with the packaging it’s simple. The liquid shampoo inside shows through, and although it is brown, it isn’t too bad looking. I love that the bottle label is easy to read, and doesn’t even hint towards the fact that it’s specifically for dandruff and itch scalp problems, unlike the Secret Clinical Strength that I kind of had a problem with. The bottle is easy to open and has one of those caps that you just push down to get the shampoo out. 

shampoo mud

Here’s what the Dead Sea Mud Shampoo looks like out of the bottle. It is a little lighter than I expected and a lot more fluid. To be honest I was half expecting it to be a bottle full of mud. It has a slight clean chemical oder, but nothing overpowering. When I put it into my hair it foamed up well, and was easy to rinse out without tangling up my hair. After using this Adovia product for a week my scalp felt so much better.

I wasn’t really expecting much for the Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo but it really surprised me. It looks nice, is easy to use and actually makes my scalp feel a whole lot nicer. I only suggest adding a moisturizing conditioner like Tresemee like if you have drier hair. You can buy the Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo from Amazon HERE

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