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Review: Essie Cashmere Bathrobe Nail Polish

essie cashmere bathrobe nail lacquer

 I have a huge collection of nail polish, but most of mine are bright neon colors, so when I saw this Cashmere Bathrobe nail lacquer I fell in love with it’s dark grey color. Since it’s from one of my favorite nail polish brands see my Essie Penny Talk and Essie Miss Fancy Pants for evidence and I’ve yet to be disappointed by the brand. 

Starting with the packaging, I don’t have any complaints. The square shape makes it easy to stack side by side with other bottles, and you can clearly see the brand name but yet there is no ugly wrapper to deal with. I love that the name, Cashmere Bathrobe is on the top of the lid and the product information is on the side of the lid. This makes it even better to store especially since the handle is thinner than the bottle so you can see not only the name but the actual color from above. The brush didn’t have any problems.

essie cashmere bathrobe swatch

 Here’s what it looks with two coats. The color is a a shiny grey, that doesn’t show up nearly as nice on camera as it does in person. It actually has a little sparkle that you can see in the photo below. Going on, it is a lot thicker than I expected, and even would have done with one coat, but I figured to make it just a little better I’d give it the second one. The Essie Cashmere Bathrobe nail lacquer was smooth going on, and very even I didn’t have any spot issues which is saying something since I’m not the best at doing my own nails. Dry time wasn’t bad especially since it is a very thick polish. 

The Verdict. Cashmere Bathrobe is another Essie nail polish that I love. The grey color is beautiful and the extra spark is great. It goes on easily, I didn’t have any problems whatsoever, and is opaque enough to just do one coat. Another plus is the bottle design is easy to store but best of all this polish lasts a full week without chipping.

Packaging 10/10 Color 9/10 Product 10/10


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