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What to Wear to Summer School

summer school outfit
Tank / Jeans / Shoes / Bag / Sunglasses 
Outfit for Summer Classes
As you might know, this summer I have to take a summer class. Its hard getting ready every morning, and not wear a pair of leggings or sweatpants with a sports bra and baggy hoodie. I mean, that’s what I’d wear if I were actually on break, but as comfy as it is to wear this kind of outfit it doesn’t look all that great for going anywhere. For this summer school look, that I made for college but will work for high school and middle school pretty well, is a casual but still put together look made for the early summer. It might be a little too warm for some of you but where I am right now its about 50F
  • Meow Tank – I absolutely love cats, so any chance to show that off, I’ll take like in my Bows and Uggs Outfit. I love this tank even without the cat reference on it, because its loose but also a little cropped. So its going to show some skin and be very comfortable. 
  • Leather Backpack – Since during the summer, I (and probably most people) aren’t taking as many classes, you can go with that more expensive bag that you were worried about ruining before.
  • Mid Rise Skinny Jeans – To go with a shorter shirt I always add a pair of pants with a higher waist. Since this is a looser top I made sure the jeans were skinny. The normal blue gives the look a laid back feel.
  • Black Sneakers – Although I would love to wear a pair of heels to class, because of all the walking around that I have to do (the campus is quite large) I instead go with something comfortable. 

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