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What to Wear on a Hike

what to wear when Hiking
Tank / Jacket / Shorts / Shoes
Outfit for a Hike
The weather where I am is just starting to get warm enough to go outside and have fun. I know it’s the middle of May, but last week I saw people walking around with heavy coats on. One of my favorite outdoor activities is hiking. I love the trees, and rocks as well as the occasional stream that I see, and its a great way to exercise, where you (or at least I) won’t get completely bored. Of course for hiking, anything that’s cool and comfortable goes, but I wanted to go with something that’s cute enough to wear out with other people.
  • Khaki shorts – I had a hard time deciding between shorts or jeans, for this outfit, because on the one hand jeans keep your legs from getting scratched up by bushes, rocks or falling down, but on the other hand shorts are cooler, look cuter and are more comfortable so that’s what I went with.
  • Hiking Boots – I have yet to see a pair of hiking boots that are stylish, but I think these Dr. Martins are pretty close to it. I guess though that fashion isn’t everything, because the comfort of the shoes you wear really is the most important. 
  • High Low Tank – To make this outfit cuter I added the same bright colored loose tank I did to the How to Wear Cowboy Boots, since it’s loose it’d keep you cool and be comfortable.
  • Fleece Jacket – Since weather can be unpredictable, I decided the perfect piece to end this outfit is a fleece jacket with a hood, perfect for either cold weather or rain.

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