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How to Look Classy in a Denim Shirt

dressed up in a denim shirt.
shirt / tank / skirt / shoes (similar)
Wearing a Chambray Shirt

Denim shirts are one of those trends that has alluded me for awhile. I mean I think I’ve managed pretty well on how to look classy in jeans, and those are denim, but if I switched the denim from on my legs to on my torso, I suddenly looked like a farmer. Finally though after the chambray shirt being in for so long, I’ve come up with a classy way to wear it.  One that can bee worn in the office or around town for a day when you want to look more put together. Perfect hair for this classy denim shirt outfit would be in a low or medium bun made using Goody Spin Pins.

  • Fitted Lace Tank – Lace along with pearls is one of those trends that I don’t think will ever die. Adding lace always makes an outfit more timeless and feminine. I love this simple white lace tank, because for one its sleeveless and two the lace is so large that its almost like a print.
  • Classic Denim Shirt – Where would this Classy Denim Shirt outfit be without a denim shirt? I especially love the shirts with clear buttons, ones that aren’t too big, and sleeves that can be rolled up to 3/4. 
  • Black High Waisted Skirt – High waisted skirts are one of the go to items in my closest. They make you look curvy, your legs look long, and are almost as feminine as wearing lace, if you need further proof, just take a look at my Kissing Dogs Belt Outfit. To wear with a chambray shirt simply tuck it in to your skirt leaving a little room.
  • Kitty Flats – Although these are the $500 Charlotte Olympia pair of cat flats, I’ve seen many much cheaper but still just as cute ones online. Shoes like these are fun and take out some of the seriousness of an outfit without looking tacky. Plus my cat sweatshirt outfit was pretty popular, so I figured I could add another cat accent.

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