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Review: Ozeri 4x Motion Digital Pedometer

pedometer by Ozeri

A little while back Ozeri, the company where I got those cool thermo drinking glasses from, and that green earth frying pan contacted me to review their 4x digital pedometer, and since I absolutely love their two other products that I tried, of course I wanted to give it a chance. Plus it couldn’t have been at a more perfect time, because lately I’ve been trying to get into shape with a new diet and of course running. 

Ozeri pedometer

So here it is. This pedometer is a bright yellow color, perfect so you don’t lose it, and very small. It easily fits into my hand and I can wrap all my fingers around it. That’s sort of saying something too since I’m not a very big person. What I really was impressed with though is all the settings that the Ozeri 4x digital pedometer has. You put in the day year time, as well as your weight and height and it’ll let you know everything from how many calories you burned to how many steps you’ve taken as well as the time which is perfect if you don’t want to carry a watch or phone with you on a run. 


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