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App Review: Two Dots

front page of two dots

 I play a lot of iPhone games when I’m just sitting around waiting for class, or some sort of appointment it passes the time.  For awhile my game of choice was the Clash of Clans app and then Traffic Racer but I felt like I was kind of competing and they got a little repetitive so I went looking for something new and found Two Dots. Basically it’s a game where you matches up similar colored dots (at least two) in a certain number of moves. There is one catch though and that is that you can’t connect them diagonally. 

levels of two dots

 Here’s what the inside of the game looks like, as you can tell I’m not that much of a pro because I’m only at level 35, I’m even less good at the game if you consider the fact I couldn’t beat one of the levels so I had to get help from a youtube video. But anyways, you get one to three stars if you win a game (based on number of points) and then you can go on to the next level. If you lose though they take away one of your lives, and you only get five which can be a big deal if you want to keep playing and not wait for your lives to regenerate. 

hard two dots level

This level is one that took me awhile to beat. In some of the levels not only do you have to get a certain number of dots connected but you also have to get these anchors to the floor by removing all the dots under them. Not easy. 

Overall I really like the Two Dots App it’s fun to play and I feel like I’m actually making myself think in different ways which has to be good for me, right? I just wish some of the levels weren’t quite so hard, but I guess they have to make money through app purchases like five more moves and a bomb. 


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