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How to Wear Wedge Sandals

Top/ Jeans / Shoes / Cardigan 
Wedge Sandals Outfit

Summer time is here, and I think something that is specific to summer, outfit wise at least is strappy sandals with a wedge heel. Originally I was going to pair the shoes with a skater type dress, but decided to go with jeans for an outfit that’s more of an every day wearable kind of thing and modest as well. I did go for something for a cooler summer, or a evening outfit.

  • Platform Wedge Sandals – Of course since this is what the outfit is all about here is the cork pair that I picked out. I went with the beige color, since it will go with a lot of light colors. The heel is sort of high but since the shoes are platforms, it should affect your balance, kind of like those wedge sneakers. 
  • Floral Crop Top – Lately I’ve been very much in love with crop tops. I think it has to do with both the warmer weather and the fact that my stomach is actually starting to look good enough to wear them. And as for the fabric choice, who doesn’t love pink and green floral. Another outfit to check out is How to Wear a Crop Top 
  • Long Cardigan – To make the crop top more modest I decided to add a long pastel colored crop top. It softens the look up and makes its it a little more feminine with the light pink color. It can either be worn open, or buttoned up to the bottom of the crop top for the modest version of this outfit.
  • Boyfriend Jeans – The last piece of this outfit are the boyfriend jeans I’ve done a guide on. I added them to make the look more casual and comfortable, and really just all around wearable. Since the cardigan can be a little uptight I made sure to pick jeans with some distress details. 

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