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Review: Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Revive Antiperspirant

go fresh revive deodorant dove

I’m always willing to try out a new deodorant, in part because I’m so picky that I’m rarely happy with any kind of antiperspirant, so when I saw that Dove had samples of the Ultimate Go Fresh revive pomegranate & Lemon verbena scent I knew that I had to give it a try.  I’ve tried other dove products before like when I did a review of Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner or my review of Dove Cleartone and I liked them so I already had high expectations for this antiperspirant.

Starting with the packaging, for a deodorant I kind of like how Dove Ultimate Go Fresh looks. The pink cover is cute, especially since it matches the pomegranate art work and I like that it isn’t saying a whole bunch of sweat protection things one it.  This is a solid deodorant and to use it just twist the bottom a little and the open the cap, it’s that easy. 

Dove Ultimate Go Fresh smells great, at least this revive scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena does. It’s easy to get onto my skin meaning the stick isn’t to hard to get product off of. It does leave a little white residue but I think this is pretty common, and it lasts all day. 

Overall I really like this deodorant. It has a cute bottle, smells great and it works. I just wouldn’t use the Dove Ultimate Go Fresh antiperspirant if I were wearing a tank top or something black. 

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