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How to Wear a Fancy Polkadot Dress

red polkadot outfit
Dress (similar) / Shoes / Clutch (better

Polkadot Dress Outfit

I’ve been told that I don’t do enough dressy posts, and I’ll admit that’s true, I do more posts on things like What to Wear When Hiking or What to Wear on a Casual Date  then I do dressing up, because I don’t go to very many occasions. Sometimes though there are reasons to dress up, and so I made a fun red and white polkadot for that occasion. It has a retro kind of vibe, with a few more modern accents. This Fancy Polkadot dress outfit would work well for a dinner and show kind of date, and as a cute prom dress with retro makeup and hair.

  • Polkadot Dress – I think by now, it’s pretty obvious how much I love polkadots, I’ve even done an outfit with polkadot jeans. They’re feminine and fun, adding to the fun is the fact that these polkadots are red and white, instead of the normal black and white.  As for the feminine this dress also has a full skirt that does the trick.
  • Black Sandals – Since the dress is so eye catching, I decided the best pair of shoes to put it with is a more simple pair, which doesn’t mean they are boring or ugly. These black sandals are just over five inches, and are so light looking.
  • Leather Bow Clutch – I know it’s kind of mixing trends to add in something with a bow, but I thought this clutch had to be added. Its black and leather to match the shoes. It’s a great accessory that goes with a whole lot. 

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