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Review: Nexxus Color Assure Primer


In a sample pack (that you might still be able to order) I was given this Nexxus Color Assure Primer to try. Since I’ve reviewed Nexxus Hair Products before I thought it would be perfect for me, since I do use John Frieda Foam Color. This Nexxus primer is is part of their sulfate free color assure line of three hair care products. It’s a pre treatment to “shield your hair during the shower helping to repel water and lock-in color vibrancy”.

My first thoughts after seeing the product in store, cute that the sample models it perfectly, is that it looks nice. I won’t mind having it out and the pump lid is a great feature. I don’t like that the Nexxus logo, because if you aren’t familiar with the brand you would have trouble figuring out exactly how to spell it. 

Using it it does have a slight pink tint and a little bit of a soapy smell. Even if you aren’t a fan of either of those it isn’t a deal breaker because they’re so minuscule. The Nexxus Color Assure Primer, has an oil like texture similar to the Tresemme Hydrating Hair Serum, very runny and a little greasy. To use it you’re supposed to coat your hair in it, while it’s still dry Then shampoo and conditioner. 

To tell the truth. I don’t think it did very much, and I don’t really get the product. I mean, isn’t the whole point of a shower to clean yourself? If I wanted to protect my hair from the water I’d just wear a bag on my head. I mean, there aren’t really any problems, it doesn’t make my hair oily or tangle and it rinses out well, just seems kind of pointless. 

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