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Neon Workout and Running Outfit

workout wear in neon yellow
Sports Bra / Leggings / Jacket / Shoes

What to Wear When Working Out

I’ve been trying hard to work out more, running lifting (light!) weights, and doing yoga. Of course to do all this working out, I want outfits that are both cute and comfortable, so I decided to share one of my favorite looks as of now. I’m going with neon, both because it’s great for running at dawn or dusk a very popular time, and because I like bright colors like this neon yellow for summer.  

  • Knee Length Tights – It’s taken me awhile to get used to calling these things tights instead of leggings like I want to, but running tights really are a necessity. They look good on, and are very comfortable and work for yoga too.
  • Sports Bra – It seems like lately, or maybe it’s just me noticing it, sports bras have gotten a whole lot better looking. I especially love this Victoria’s Secret one with its cross back and mute grey color.
  • Neon Jacket –  This is the piece that makes this workout outfit different than the What to Wear to Yoga Outfit. It’s perfect for rain, or when it’s a little cooler outside, and is the piece that makes it a little safer to wear in the dark. 
  • Neon Tennis Shoes – I’ve been seeming these bright tennis shoes everywhere so I had to add a neon yellow pair to my outfit. Being Nike they’re perfect for running and will be more comfortable than What to Wear to Hiking shoes. 

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