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What to Wear on a Formal Summer Date

Nail Polish/ Shoes/ Dress (similar) / Bag
For a Date When You Want to Look Dressy

As I’m sure you’ve noticed (or maybe not) lately I’ve been really into doing outfits for dates, like a casual first date, movies at home,  and even a study date. So I figured it was about time I did an outfit for what to wear on a summer formal date. Formal dates in general can be hard to dress for, you don’t want to be too fancy but you also don’t want to be be to casual and add in hot weather and there is a whole lot of stress about picking the right outfit. This isn’t a ball gown type of outfit but rather something for dinner at a nice sit down restaurant, on a patio this time of year and entertainment afterwards.

  • Sleeveless Dress – A little black dress is an essential in anyone’s closet and this sleeveless one is perfect for summer. It is short, on the modest scale that is, and is free flowing and comfortable so no one can see the food baby after you finish your meal. The design on the back makes it a little more interesting than your average dress, and gives it some femininity. 
  • Cross-body Bag – Even though I’m still not a huge purse carrier it is still a necessity when going on a date, even if you just put your phone in it and somethings to touch up your makeup. This small top handle cross-body is the perfect size, and with the cross over strap it won’t get in the way or be a pain to carry. The orange color is what makes this bag fun and summery. 
  •  High Heel Sandals – One of the best things about summer is freeing your feet in a pair of sandals and with a pair like these (also in my Fancy Polkadot Dress Outfit) you can wear them and dress up your outfit.
  • Orange Nail Polish – To match that bag, and continue with the fun summer theme, a bottle of orange nail polish is great. I love the Milani Juicy Glo Nail Polish and since you’re toes are open it’ll work for them and your finger nails.  

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