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Review: Kuisiware Super Glove

When the people over at Kuisiware wanted to send me a Super Glove, immediately I was very excited. I love baking (see my baking ultimate chipper cookies blog post), and really cooking in general even if I’m not the best at it. The biggest problem I have though is getting things out of the oven. I’ve burnt myself a few times, so I’m actually really scared of doing it, and let me tell you those pot holder things, are a pain to use. Not only do they not block out very much heat, but i can barely grab anything when I’m trying to use them. With the Super Glove from Kuisiware this isn’t a problem though.

 Their gloves are specifically designed for the oven and grill, and when I use them to pull out my latest cake creation, I don’t feel any heat at all. They are heat resistant up to 662 F. I love their large size, as you can see below, not just because that means people with larger hands can use them but also because it protect me from heat all the way past my wrist. There isn’t any worries about slipping either because they have non-slip silicone grip that makes it easy to carry things. 


As you can see, here’s my hand in comparison to the gloves, and then one with me wearing the glove. Since getting them every time I get something out of the oven, and even hot things from the microwave since I’m a sissy girl, I use these gloves. I couldn’t recommend them any more as a much better alternative to pot holders.


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