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How to Wear a Denim Jacket

how to wear a denim jacket
Jacket / Shoes / Busier / Skirt 

Looking Feminine in a Jean Jacket

Right now denim jackets are really in. I’ve had a few in my closet over the years, but I used to have so much trouble figuring out how to wear them without looking completely country or like I’m trying to recreate an 80’s look for some party. I wanted to make this look more of a day date outfit, dressy and girly, and not in the least bit edgy even if it is on trend, especially for summer. 

  • Jean Jacket – Of course the first piece of this how to guide has to be the denim jacket. I specifically picked this one, because it’s light color is easy to match to other things, and I love the detail on the pockets.
  • Black Bustier – I’ve already done a guide on how to wear a bustier top, and I love how feminine they look so of course I added one to this outfit. Since this one is cropped it also gives you a smaller looking waist.
  • Floral Skirt – The black and pink colors in this flower printed skirt is great for the spring and summer, and since it’s elastic waist you call pull it all the way up to the bustier, making it look like a dress if you’re going for a modest look.
  • Cork Wedges – One thing that’s exclusive to warm weather is cork wedges, and so I need a pair for this outfit.  I love the texture contrast between the cork and denim and the bows on the wedges are just too cute. 

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