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Review: Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Kit


At night, I don’t normally have trouble getting to sleep. Though I tend to go to bed late and wake up later in the day, simply because that works better with my schedule. This wouldn’t be any problem except for the fact that when it is normal wakeup time for people, and I’m still trying to sleep the sun is extremely bright. I have curtains, but they barely do a thing, and I’m constantly waking up and going back to sleep. When Bedtime Bliss offered me a sleep mask to try out I thought it was going to be one of those frilly girly satin things, that don’t actually block the light. 

When I opened the box though, I found out how wrong I was because this Bedtime Bliss Sleep mask is a serious thing. Unisex in a black color, and an adjustable velcro back, it’ll work for just about anybody. I tried it on, in the middle of the day, and even with my curtains open couldn’t see a thing. Just complete darkness, and they’re comfortable too! 


As you can see below that’s what they look like. I had two other people try them and neither had a problem with them fitting so I think we can safely say no matter your eye or nose shape bedtime bliss should fit you just fine. Along with the mask came ear plugs, disposable ones, not like those downbeats hearing protectors in a snazzy black bag. This set would be a perfect gift for anyone with sleeping issues, or someone who travels a lot. As for me I’ll be using this mask a whole lot at home for my sleeping needs. 

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