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Review: Sunergetic Dietary Supplement


You might already know this based on my latest reviews like the Foxbrim Hyaluronic Acid Serum review, my review of AzureNaturals Retional Anti-Wrinkle Cream or maybe my Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Lotion review , that I’m really trying to improve the health and overall look of my skin. So when offered the chance to try out Sunergetic a pill that is made to help rejuvenate, protect and energize your skin, I was all over it even though I do have a little fear of taking supplements. 

Starting with the packaging, the Sunergetic bottle is pretty plain. It has a basic white color, and a label in orange and white with a little cream for around the edges and for the logo. Although I wish they had more information about what the product does on the front there is a full ingredient list as well as information that this is a completely vegetarian capsule, something that I like since I’m working on my vegan thing. 

Opening up the bottle these Sunergetic pills smell a little funny (not bad) and are the typical brown color of these kind of supplements like the Rootology Breathe Free. They are kind of big, but with a little bit of water I get my one a day down, and since they don’t have any taste it isn’t a big deal if it takes a second try. 

Overall I really like the Sunergetic Dietary Supplement vitamin pills. I’ve been looking for a way to make my skin look great and these have so many great ingredients in them, and I’ve already noticed improvements.  I just wish they weren’t so pricy at $40 a bottle but for healthier skin it might be worth it. 



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