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Outfit: Teal Lace Summer Dress Collaboration

teal lace summer dress blogger
Dress (cuter) / Boots / Bracelet / Sunglasses (similar)

Even though summer isn’t official here yet, that’ll be June 21, it definitely feels like it and that for me means lot wearing a whole lot of summer dresses. To “celebrate” this warmer weather I put together this summer dress outfit, of course featuring one of my top favorite summer dresses this teal lace number from Pacsun , in collaboration with  Lyndsay at Prosecco in the Park   who’s outfit you can get a peek of at the bottom of this post. For my summer dress look I went with something that’s fun and flirty perfect for a casual day time look.

To go with the bright blue dress, that I knew I was going to wear as soon as I decided to do a summer dress outfit I went with a little less conventional shoe, those combat boots I bought on a Nordstrom shoe buy, and I think I’ve finally figured out how to wear them. I zip them all the way up and fold them half way down but tuck in the tongue a little so it doesn’t flap out. Since it’s sunny and I tend to squint and make my eyes look terrible when it’s sunny (evidence of squinting, more evidence of squinting) I decided to add those bohemian print sunglasses that you’ve seen before. To finish it off, I added my silver and sapphire bracelet because it’s such a close match to the dress color, and I love the little extra feminine detail. 

Blogger Hanna Marie Lei
cute back of dress
The only problem I have with this Pacsun dress is the back of it. It looks very cute hanging up, but the only type of bra that it can be worn with is one of those strapless backless ones, because otherwise both the straps and the back will show even if you go wear a cross-back bra. It’s pretty annoying. Oh and that last picture was actually the first one I took, but my dog Checkers kept getting in the way so I decided to move to a different spot. I had to show you guys this one though because it actually looks like she’s posing. 
fashion photo with a dog

Be sure to check out Lyndsey’s post summer dress-ing | a collaboration she’s super sweet and has a great sense of style


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