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Review: Ozeri Fresko Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder


 After trying out the Ozeri Digital Pedometer as well as the Green Earth frying pan and Serafino Double-Wall Thermo Glasses by Ozeri I was very excited when they wanted me to try out another one of their products, this beautiful looking Fresko Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder. Before I get started into my review let me tell you a little about it. It’s a stainless steel-acrilic, has a ceramic grinder that you can easily adjust from coarse to fine, and if you aren’t satisfied it has a one year guarantee. 

The Fresko Duo Grinder came completely assembled in the box, and when I first was looking at the specifications online, I was a little worried that it’d be awkwardly too big. Although I’m not a small person I do have small hands, and I was worried about being able to grind and hold it at the same time. Getting it out though I realized it was very light weight and didn’t feel nearly as big when I was holding it. 


Here’s what it looks like in a state of unassembly. To get the middle part off, how you’re going to fill and then later refill your Fresko Duo with salt and pepper, you tug gently on the bottom piece that you want out while holding on to the middle. When you put it back in you should be able to easily see the groves that it goes into and then you just push up. The lid with the Ozeri logo that you see is what you take off so that you can get your salt and pepper out as  you’re grinding it. Switching the coarseness that you want your grain to be is very easy too. 

Just like the other Ozeri products I’ve tried I love the Fresko Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder. It looks gorgeous (and gets a lot of complements), and is easy to use. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. 



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