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Backyard Garden July 2014

In 2012 I blogged about the drought and garden, and then did an update in 2013 on our small garden so I figured I should keep with it and post about the garden again, which as grown in size thanks to an added raised be, as well as some trees that were planted. Looking at the difference from 2012 will be huge because this year, we’ve had a nice amount of rain and not too hot weather. 

 Here’s one of the strawberries in a bed right next to the house. Actually for a small garden we have quite a few, I think the bed is 2 1/2 feet by 12 feet. Normally the strawberries get frozen, because if not they get mushy for some unknown reason (although this year it hasn’t been quite so bad), and then made into a sauce to go on our homemade vanilla ice-cream. The local animals, probably chipmunks also like them a lot as does my dog, so we have to go out every day and get them or else they’re be gone. 


 Here’s a collage of some of the other things going on. We have three very small citrus trees that live inside during the winter. The one I photographed can’t be much more than a foot high but it has three limes growing on it. Next to that is a picture of one of our 5 fruit trees. Since there was a late frost this year I don’t think we’ll be getting much from them. On the second row is sunflowers that were supposed to be for Elizabeth, but we forgot to put a next over them so the outside birds have just about eaten them all. Then just two of many herbs we have growing around our yard. On the bottom row is a cucumber plant that has a few itty bitty cucumbers growing on it right by the backdoor and a broccoli plant that isn’t doing well at all. Something is eating it’s leaves. 


Last here’s that raised bed I was talking about. There are peppers on the left side, that are taking forever, and tomatoes that are just starting to turn red. I’ve only gotten one tomato so far, and I’ve been seriously craving them on my salads and sandwiches so I hope they finish up soon. Putting up this raised bed wasn’t hard, and since we compost we just used the dirt from there instead of having to buy sacks of it. 

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