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Review: Exofab iPhone 4 Case


 You see that beautiful iPhone case up there? It literally just came in the mail today and when I saw it I threw off my old Body Glove Drop Suit iPhone Case, that has been my trusty pal for over a year, but is starting to look a little rough.  This Exofab, which just hit the U.S. market, is brand new, stylish and has a secret feature. What’s that? Well, it’s perfect for taking selfies thanks to the fact the case can stick to glass. I’m sure you could come up with a million interesting photos with that, I’ve already taken quite a few myself. 


Okay, so here’s how it came to me. In a small priority mail box delivered by my mail man. Inside is the front & back gel guards, two different colored side guards to choose from (I just went with the purple to match) 3 gel buttons with different themes, you can decide if you want to use the American flag like I did, the British one or the French flag. Two screen protectors as well as a cleaning cloth and squeegee, and as a bonus a water resistant pouch to keep your phone in (and enough room for your keys) while you do outdoor activities. 

Assembly was very easy and everything stuck well. I like how there were three side pieces so it isn’t cut off by each side, and instead the sticker wraps around. The America sticker on the back completely covered the apple symbol which I think is kind of tacky to show I was pleasantly surprised at exactly how thick the  case is. 

So I’m going to keep using this Exofab iPhone 4 case until whenever I get a new phone. It looks great, I love that it can stick to glass (taking it off isn’t very hard to do)  the American Flag stickers are awesome and I accidentally did the drop test and my phone was perfectly fine! Oh and that waterproof bag, is something that you can make calls and text with on. To tell the truth when I do get a new phone I can totally see myself buying another one of their cases. 


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