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Review: Lavo Volcanic Mud Mask


 Just the other day I tried out the barefaced mud mask and was very impressed with the how easy it was to use and the affect it had on my skin. So when this Lavo High Performance Volcanic Mud Mask was sent to me, I was super excited to try it out. I’ve heard a lot of good things about how volcanic soil is good for plants, and I wanted to find out if those same nutrients were also good for my skin. 

Starting with the packaging it is a little masculine, so if you’re a male who likes to have nice skin, this isn’t a product you’d have to be ashamed to have in your bathroom. It has a twist off lid, as well as a reusable seal that way you don’t get the mask product everywhere. To tell the truth I like the black label with white because it reminds me a little of the Volcanic Rocks I saw in Hawaii. 

To use the mask apply a thin layer all over your face. Even though the bottle isn’t that big the Lavo Volcanic Mud Mask will last a long time because a little product goes a long way. As you can see above it is a white mask, and leaving it on for a full fifteen minutes it didn’t make my face tight or irritated. Washing it off was easy, I just rinsed it off when I was in the shower, with the assistance of a wash cloth. 

After using it I found that my pores looked a whole lot smaller, and those nasty blackheads that I tend to get on my nose were gone. It didn’t dry out my face, and it was easy to use so of course I’m a huge fan of the Lavo Volcanic Mud Mask. 

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