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How to Wear a Plaid Shirt

jean shorts and plaid shirt outfit
Plaid Shirt / Jean Shorts (similar)  / Hair Bow/ Sunglasses/ Shoes  
Without Looking Like a Lumberjack

I’m a big fan of plaid. It goes perfectly with denim, which is great because jeans are one of my favorite things to wear. It has a great free feeling and casual feel, but… sometimes it can look a little country so I made this little guide on how to wear plaid without looking like a lumberjack, or a subsistence farmer. And maybe most importantly how to wear plaid without looking grudge. 

  • Plaid Shirt – Of course the first piece of a plaid outfit guide has to be the paid shirt. I love this one, because although it’s long sleeve you can wear it at 3/4 and its loose and comfy. Perfect for a concert. 
  • Distressed Shorts – The pair of denim shorts that I picked for this outfit is actually a vintage DIY but I found an even more perfect pair, that’s in the link above, they’re high waisted just like these but they look like they’re cover anyone’s butt. 
  • Hair Bow – I’ve been in love with bows ever since doing that outfit How to Wear Uggs and Bows. Not only are the very cute and feminine but if you’re hair bothers you like mine does me, they’re almost a necessity. 
  • Aviators – I’ve talked again and again about how important eye protection is, but really the main reason I wear sunglasses is because they some pairs look really cool. Especially aviators.
  • Eyelet Sneakers – Eyelet isn’t a fabric that I see often, specially on tennis shoes, and they’re perfect for this plaid outfit. Not only do they match but they make the plaid look a little more feminine but are still comfy to wear. 

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