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Review: Refresh Skin Therapy Lactic Acid 10% Peel


I’ve heard a few things about lactic acid and have been really into using masks like my Dead Sea Mud Mask and Volcanic Mud Mask so when I was contacted by [re] fresh skin therapy I was very excited. They told me about their Lactic Acid 10% Peel that is naturally derived from soy beans. It’s made to help hydrate skin, fight fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin smoother. All things that, of course, I want.

This  lactic acid 10% peel comes in a clear thick glass bottle. On the top is a hard plastic twist off top, and a glass dotter used to get the product out. I’m kind of mixed on if I like this not being the lid, because on the one hand it makes the packaging less likely to spill but on the other hand I have to clean off the dispenser and worry about loosing it. I know that I like the label though because it is simple and informative.

To apply this lactic acid peel, dispense a small amount on finger tips and then smooth over face and neck. Leave on one to three minutes and then rinse off with cold water. Going on, it stings a little, and feels a little like a mask on my skin. The stinging went away.

After rinsing off the Refresh Skin Therapy, my skin felt instantly smoother, and after a few uses I’ve noticed that my old acne scars are less noticeable. Even though I wish it had a different applicator, I really like this Lactic Acid. 


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