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Review: Shandali Pink Hot Yoga Towel


I’ve been doing Yoga since my freshman year of high school. It’s always been something I’ve done to relax, but lately with my fitness friday motivation I’ve been looking for a little more than the calming and flexibility, so I decided to try out hot yoga. Let me tell you, it is a workout, and a very sweaty activity, so much so that I’ve considered abandoning my What to Wear to Yoga Guide for this class altogether. And maybe this is a little gross to talk about, but I’m not the only one who gets sweaty, my mat does too. This makes me slip around a bit when I’m trying to do poses and is a little awkward for everyone to see, even though I’m not the only one with the problem. 

So when I was contacted by Shandali to review their Hot Yoga Towel I was all in. When I ordered the product (available on amazon) I was super excited, because for one all the reviews were very positive, two of course I NEED this towel and three it comes in super cute colors. Of course I had to go with the pink. It came to me rolled up and ready to use, so that’s what I did.

Taking it out, it is a little longer than my mat which is perfectly fine because I can either tuck it under or just let it hang out depending on how tight the area is in the class. It’s very soft and has a nice texture that isn’t going to make you slip. It’s very thin, like the Shandali Travel Towel I reviewed, and it’s just as absorbent. No more sweaty yoga mat at the end of class. 

So I have to say I’m really loving the Shandali Hot Yoga. It is comfortable to use, looks cute, and absorbs all of my excess sweat. An added bonus is that it’s perfect to use as a small pillow for the shoulder stands, and corpse pose. 

You can get your own HERE from Amazon


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