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Review: One Direction Taken Liquilights Glow Gloss


 Lip gloss is a product that tends to invade me. I see so many pretty colors in the story, and then when I take them home and try out the gloss they aren’t as great as I though they were. Luckily though I ended up being quite impressed with this One Direction Taken Liquilights Glow Lip Gloss, almost as impressed as I am with the 1D Stand Up Eye and Body Pencil that also came as a part of the One Direction Up All Night Makeup Collection Review. 

I have to start with the packaging, because it’s gorgeous. When I excitedly showed a male friend of mine the makeup that I just gotten the mail, he even agreed that this lip gloss is “nice looking” It has One Direction as well as Liquilights Glow Gloss written on one of the sides of it’s clear hard plastic sides. The whole bottle is rectangular shaped, perfect so that it won’t roll around too much and the lid is black with the signature black bricks, and twists off easily and makes a snap sound when it’s all the way on. Of course the best part about this bottle though is the gorgeous, pink sparkle color Taken is. 


On my lips it is a little cooler than it looks in the bottle, but you can clearly see the sparkle that it has. And if you’re in UV light AKA black light it’s orange, which is a really cool feature. This One Direction lip gloss goes on very smoothly, and isn’t sticky. If you rub your lips together you can feel the glitter, but otherwise it sits lightly. 

This One Direction Taken Liquilights Glow Gloss, is yet another product I’m loving from the 1D makeup collection. It has beautiful packaging, and is a sweet pink color with a little sparkle. My favorite part though is that this would be literally a perfect Clubbing lip gloss because it becomes Orange under black light and wear time is about five hours. 


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