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Outfit: Cherry Print Shoes at the Farmers’ Market

Hanna-Outfit- big-sunglasses-skinny-jeans
Top / Tank / Sunglasses / Jeans / Shoes c/o (18% off with TNNKCFPA ) 

This weekend I went to a farmers’ market at the small town of Orleans, it was in the town center park which has a playground fountain, as well as a war memorial. Although there weren’t a whole lot of booths I was very impressed with the selection of products. There was everything from fresh produce like squash, turnips and apples to baked goods, like pies, cookies, and cinnamon rolls and crafts like rugs and the painted gourd I bought. Now for the outfit, of course I went with something casual that I could walk around in, as well as something spend a little time in the car wearing. 

Shoes c/o (18% off with TNNKCFPA) – I am absolutely in love with these cherry print shoes that Oasap sent to me. I’ve been wanting a cute pair of slip on shoes, and although I like toms, see my How to Wear Toms outfit I wasn’t really feeling any of their current designs but was happy to find a quirky fruit print pair of shoes, that is also a whole lot cheaper than toms. 

Top – Since getting this top for my birthday, I’ve been looking for somewhere to wear it. I absolutely love the eyelet detail, the longer sleeve length and the creamy white color. It’s loose cut is super comfortable too. 

Tank – Since I was going to visit with my grandparents , I decided not to go for the crop top look, and instead wear a tank top underneath to be a little more modest. I specifically went for one that is the same color as the shirt. 

Jean – When I first got these jeans from my Abercrombie and Fitch Haul I thought they were too high waisted, but since then I’ve stopped wearing those low rise jeans, because the higher waist is a whole lot more flattering. 

Sunglasses – It was sunny outside and I actually remembered my sunglasses, and that means no squinted eye pictures, which I’m sure you noticed. This pair might be a little big for everyday use but I love the cartoonish look they give me. 


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