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Review: Propresser Stainless Steel Garlic Press


 I’m not number one fantastic cook, but slowly but surely I’m working on it, practicing making meals, and learning about kitchen tools that I need and how I should use them. Sometimes a tool can make all the difference (remember that electric wine opener) so when I was contacted by Orblue to try out their two in one garlic crusher and ginger press, I jumped at it. For most people a huge plus for using a garlic press is not having the garlic smell all over their hands when they’re preparing it, or having the juices get everywhere but for me it’s more of a safety thing… I’m absolutely terrible with knives.

So this garlic press came from the Orblue Amazon site, and was very easy to order (free shipping with Amazon Prime), and came to me in a few days packaged very securely. Inside was the Orblue professional garlic press box which offers instructions on how to use the garlic press, as well as my garlic press / ginger press wrapped up nicely in plastic. My first thought seeing it was that it’s very pretty. 


To use simply take your piece of garlic, ignore the remnants of my 1D Blue nail polish, put it in the garlic smasher and squeeze. The handles are very easy to use, actually quite comfortable and even my week self was able to easily squish the garlic through. You can see how fine the garlic is above. This thing is strong too, and will take a lot of pressure without getting damaged, something that was a problem for an old garlic press I had. The best part though is the clean up, because it’s so easy to clean this steel garlic press. I couldn’t be happier with it, and any time I need garlic I plan on using this. 


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