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Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Redgy Nail Color


 I’m sure that you can tell by all of my nail polish reviews that I’m a huge fan of the stuff. If I had the money/space I’d probably buy every new color from all of my favorite brands each time they have a new release. Something that I couldn’t quite jump onto though was the gel nail polishes. I had tried one at a friend’s house before, and absolutely loved the how my manicure looked (and how long it lasted) but I couldn’t bring myself to start using gel polishes myself because I didn’t want one of those silly UV lights hanging around, so I put out of my head how much I liked gel polishes. 

That all changed when Influenster sent me the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish. It’s like any other gel polish except it cures with natural light, so no need to buy anything but the nail color set, and it is easily removed with normal nail polish remover. The set includes a nail color, mine Redgy, a bright cool red and clear gel coater in a black bottle. Both have a large brush similar to the Sally Hansen Grass Slipper brush, very wide and easy to use. The bottle also looks the same, wide base and slightly narrower top with an easy top open lid.

I’m sure some of you guys hate feet picots, but I don’t think mine look that bad, and I love putting red nail polish on my toes. Sally Hansen’s Redgy went on easily, and was very opaque, so I only needed one coat. Dry time is quite awhile though, so you’ll probably want to wait awhile before applying the Miracle Gel clear coat. The box says up to 14 days of wear time, and I did get that without any chipping, and my pedicure stayed smooth. When I wanted to remove it, it came off as easy as any other nail polish. 

I really like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish, it’s a great alternative to the traditional UV light Gel polishes, plus it has all the normal things that I love about Sally Hansen. You know the opaque one coat colors, smooth application and great brushes. I don’t have any complaints. 


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