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Orange and Purple Summer Outfit

Top / Shorts / Bag / Shoes 
Since my how to wear pink and purple together outfit was so popular, I decided to do another outfit combining colors that don’t normally go well together, purple and orange both of which are perfect hues for the summer time. For this look I wanted something that was casual and comfortable for the warm weather, but still cute enough you wouldn’t mind being seen out in it. Especially if you run into that person you’re trying impress. I love the two colors together in this look, and the whole free spirit feel.
  •  Top – I’ve been wearing so many tight, feminine tank tops this summer that I thought it’d be fun to it change up with a wife beater, and since it is a pretty lavender color, no one’s going to think you borrowed it from a man in your life
  • Shorts – I’ve already done one outfit on how to wear high waisted shorts  but since they’re so on trend right now I had to add a pair to this orange and purple outfit. Just make sure they cover your butt if you’re going for the modest look. 
  • Bag – Cross-body bags will always be my favorite style, and this little orange one is no exception. I especially love it’s small, clutch like size. 
  • Shoes – A summer staple has to be converse, at least for me anyway. They look great with any denim, and I can’t help but like the pale orange color. 

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