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Outfit: Casual Skirt Collaboration

Hanna Lei
Skirt (different color) /  Necklace / Shoes / Sweatshirt 

 I promised you guys better outfit pictures after two fails in a row, one with a white wall in my Floral Tank Look, and the other with a setting sun in my Vintage Sheath Dress Look. But for this casual skirt outfit, a collaboration with the gorgeous Kristina from Kristina Does the Internets. For my look I wanted to dress down a skirt that is just a little too formal for me, into something that I can wear to school or a day date. The whole outfit, is comfortable, and conservative both of which I try to go for, but still pretty cute I think.

  • Shoes – I am forever looking for comfortable walking shoes (that are cute!), and although I like the height benefit of wearing heels, I feel way too fancy in any pair I own for a day outfit. 
  • Skirt – I’ve had this floral print skirt for years, just sitting around in my closet and I didn’t have any place to wear it, until I realized how much cuter it looks dress down. 
  • Necklace – I know, this is the second time in three days you’re seeing this Lavishy necklace, but it’s absolutely perfect for making bulky things like a sweatshirt look more feminine. 
  • Sweatshirt – This is literally just a men’s grey sweatshirt, nothing more, but when I saw it I knew I had to have it. I can wear it working out, with a pair jeans, and it even looks cute with a skirt. 
Hanna Lei

Be sure to check out Kristina’s Look on her blog I’m currently loving her necklace. And if you want to do a collaboration like this with me, just send me an email.


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