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What to Wear at the County Fair

Jeans / Shoes / Shirt / Sunglasses / Bow (very similar)
Outfit for the Fair

Since my county fair is in full swing, I thought it would be fun to do an outfit guide on What to wear to the fair. It is similar to an Amusement Park Outfit because of all the rides that you are, hopefully, going to ride. But at the county fair there is a whole lot more than that, like very good, and very fattening food, a ton of cute animals to see, and all those school and family “friends” that you always are running into. This outfit is more of a going out to have fun look, than dressing to impress, and I might do one of those in the very near future. 

  • Jeans – Cuffed jeans, when they’re the right length, are going to make your legs look a whole lot longer. Plus on those rides, you can’t be wearing a shirt that’s going to flap around or shorts where your legs are going to stick to the seat. 
  • Shoes – Depending on how country your fair is, you might be tempted to switch out these Toms, (I did a guide on wearing Toms you can check out) but really you’re already showing your country self by being at the fair. Anyways these shoes have an adorable pattern, and toms are so comfy. 
  • Shirt – I’ve talked about how to wear a crop top, and wore one to a farmer’s market and when you’re in shape (how much so depends on your confidence level). They’re adorable, and in hot weather you can’t beat an exposed midriff. 
  • Sunglasses – Although sunglasses can be a pain to wear when talking to people (should I take them off or leave them on?) unless you’re going to the fair at night you really need to protect your eyes. For me the bigger the pair of sunglasses the better. 
  • Bow – Bows are the perfect hair piece to keep your hair back and this false pearl one would do the job perfectly, and add some needed feminineness to your outfit. 

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