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Review: Adovia Moisturizing Day Cream


I’ve been lucky enough to try out a couple different Adovia Mineral Skin Care, like the Adovia Exfoliating Facial Salts,  Dead Sea Mud Shampoo, and Adovia Mineral Eye Gel. One thing that I knew was missing from my Adovia collection was a moisturizer, so I was super excited when they sent me their moisturizing day cream which has dead sea minerals aloe vera and chamomile, and works for all skin types. 

All of the Adovia products come in a white box with blue and black font, as well as a gorgeous but simple illustration of the ocean. The bottle inside the box is a clear glass with blue, easy to read lettering and a silver colored metal lid. Although I wouldn’t consider Adovia products high end price wise, their packaging is luxury all the way. The twist off lid is easy to use, and get the lotion out of. 

I was a little surprised that the Adovia Mineral Skin Care Moisturizing Day Cream reminded me of Nivea Cream by it’s smell, but that isn’t a bad thing at all. This lotion is a pure white that’s thin and easily to apply onto skin. Immediately after applying my skin gelt smooth and moisturized, but not weighted down. I easily was able to put foundation over it and go with my normal skincare routine. 

Verdict: This Moisturizing Day Cream is a great addition to my skin care. It’s perfect for applying right before you put on your makeup because it’s absorbs into the skin well and is light weight. It didn’t irritate my face, just added a whole lot of moisture.  Just another Adovia Mineral Skin Care product I love. 


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