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Review: Forte Bellezza Eyelash Curler

Ever since trying out my first eyelash curler (not that long ago), the Bella and Bear Eye & Mighty, and although I loved it, I did have a few things that weren’t my favorite about it, so I was eager to try out the Forte Bellezza Eyelash Curler to see if I liked it better. Just from looking at it after the company sent it to me I knew it would be a winner. 

Starting with the packaging I love that they took a simple white box and added a green, a blue and a pink strip to the sides. On the front below the brand name Forte Bellezza and eyelash curler printed under neath. I love the girl that they chose for the picture. For one she’s blonde, and I love that she has brown eyes, since most brands would chose blue. Inside it the eyelash curler.

The curler is pink, which I think is something that every girl loves. It has a metal piece attached so you can keep both sides together, making it a lot easier to store and you don’t have to worry about it breaking. I love the pad design, it’s comfortable and didn’t hurt my lashes one bit. 

So I have to say that the Forte Bellezza Eyelash curler is my go to now. I love the pink color and that there is something to hold in place when you’re storing it. Of course I also like that it does a good job curling my lashes and the pad is very nice. 

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