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Review: Sano Naturals Phytoceramides Capsules


I’ve tried skin care supplements before, like the Sunergetic Dietary Supplement, and I have mixed feeling about taking them. Sure I want my skin to be nice but, I always worry about the safety of taking supplements, or pills. They aren’t FDA approved, so anything could be in them. I decided though that I could try out the Sano Naturals product that is a daily anti aging tool. These are completely vegan.

The capsules come in a a dark blue hard plastic container with a white lid. The label is white with an orange band. The lid is a simple screw off one, but there was a safety seal. On the back there isn’t a list of ingredients which worries me. It does say though that there is 100% daily value of vitamin A C D and E.  The capsules have just a clear lining, so you can see off white powder inside. The powder is a fine, but someone how rough one, but I didn’t have any trouble getting the pills down. 

Verdict: I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the Sano Naturals Phytocermides Capsules. Sure I love that they have all those vitamins, which are great for your skin but without an ingredients list I don’t feel safe taking or recommending them. 

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