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What to Wear for a Class Presentation

Nail Polish / Skirt / Sweater / Shoes / Bow  
Presentation Outfit for School
You’ve been super stressed out about this project you’ve been doing and just put the final touches on it , when you find out not only do you have to present this project to the class but you also have to dress up for this presentation. Maybe it’s just me but the dressing up part, and then being judged on your appearance for part of your grade is terrible, especially in those classes where you know it matters to the other students how you look, for me this was Advanced Placement United States History or APUSH as it’s commonly called. Since then I’ve gotten a little more confident in the outfits, I figured I could share with you what I wore today actually for a class presentation. It is dressy, but still feminine and cute, something I’ve had to work on since I used to have a problem of how to dress up without looking masculine. 
  • Black Pumps – I always debate if I should where heels or not for a presentation because, for one they make your legs look amazing, and a little extra height can go a long way towards making you looking more confident, but they can be uncomfortable to wear, so anything over 20 minutes go with flats. 
  • Skirt – I absolutely love what a pencil skirt does for my butt, and my waist so I will always go for one in any dress up situation. Make sure to go with a thick one though so you aren’t showing everything. 
  • Sweater – To keep myself from looking to business professional looking I like to wear a top that’s a little more casual like this fun heart print sweater. To make it blend in a little more just tuck it in. 
  • Bow – Hair bows are adorable, and very feminine looking. Since I like to have my hair pulled back I tend to go for a half up do to just keep it out of my face, and to keep me from getting nervous during my presentation and messing with it. For me this looks a lot less harsh than a full ponytail or top knot. 
  • Nail Polish – Since an outfit like this can have a little too much black going on, I like to have a nail polish that matches my fun top. I’ve loved Essie polishes, like Cashmere Bathrobe, Penny Talk  and Miss Fancy Pants. 

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