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Review:Dr. A Derma Roller


My skin is very important to me. To be honest though I don’t take as good of care as it as I should. I’ve been working on that by using things like a new facial wash  and making sure to use sunscreen  daily. One thing that my serums and new habits haven’t helped me with though are my scars. So when the people at Dr. A offered to send me their roller system to try out of course I said yes.

It comes from amazon. Inside the shipping box was the pink Dr. A box. It has three white sides and information on all the sides. On the front is a little window so you can see the product. It’s put inside a sanitary package so you know it hasn’t be used previously and comes with a clear hard plastic storage case.

To use you roll over skin up to ten times. It’s made to help cellulite, rejuvenate skin and stimulate collagen. I’ve seen some people say that you have to do it really hard to get it to work but for me I’ve just been using it gently. 


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