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Review: Michael Todd Sonic Eraser 3x Sonic Infuser


I know that I’m under the normal age range for doing the wrinkle products, but it’s all about prevention. I mean if I never get wrinkles that would be better than getting them and then having to do something about them. So when the people over at Michael Todd offered to send me their sonic eraser 3x Sonic Infuser of course I said yes, especially since I have so many serums I want to try it out with.

I was actually a little impressed with how this Sonic Eraser 3x Sonic Infuser came packaged. It has a purple cardboard box with a lighter purple inside and then darker purple dots on the outside. It has a box highlighting information which of course I like and that you can actually see the product. Getting it out wasn’t too bad either. and actually I was able to keep the box intact for using as storage later. 

The Sonic Eraser itself is a silver purple on the bottom and silver on the top with a dark purple lid. It is actually pretty interesting because to use, all you have to do is touch it to your face and it’ll start vibrating. Of course you want to first have serum on your face, I’ve been using AzureNaturals Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Cream serum with it. 

Verdict: Although I never would have thought to use the Michael Todd Sonic Eraser 3x Sonic Infuser on my own, I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to try it out. Using it really opens up my pores, and makes my skin feel cleaner, plus it just feels really nice. 


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