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Review: Rossina Julissa Exotic Argan Oil Texture Paste


I’ve tried out two different Argan oils, Uni Moroccan Argan Oil and Pure Bargain Argan Oil, so when I was offered this Rossina Julissa exotic argan oil texture paste, which is medium hold I immediately agreed. If you’ve seen some of my more recent outfit posts you’ll see that my hair needed something. I mean not only is it frizzy but somehow thin at the same time.

Starting with the packaging this Texture Paste comes in a round plastic container with a twist off lid. There is a dark purple (I know it looks black) label that I’m impressed isn’t paper but actually graphed onto the jar. All the ingredients are listed and underneath the lid is a safety seal that is a little hard to get off is the product. 

To use work a small amount into into short dry hair to achieve desired style. For longer hair use on the ends to middle. The first thing I noticed was the scent. Actually after opening it the first time I kept re-smelling it because it was just that nice. I added some to my hair, doing what the directions said and then adding a small amount all over to my hair. 

Verdict: After using the Rossina Julissa Exotic Argan Oil Texture Paste for three days straight, I’m already very impressed. It smooths my hair considerably and keeps away the frizz without being too heavy. As much as I like the smell though I wish it were more unisex so guys could enjoy this texture paste as well. 

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